05 January, 2007

A huge Bear...!! !

The pictures above is of a guy who works for the forest Service in Alaska. He was out deer hunting. A large world record Grizzly charged him from about 50 yards away. The guy unloaded a 7mm Mag Semi-auto into the bear and it dropped a few feet from him. The thing was still alive so he reloaded and shot the bear 7 more times in the head. The bear weighed over 1600 hundred pounds and stood 12 foot six inches at the shoulder. It is of course a new world record. The bear was responsible for the killing of 6 other people. The DNR never let him keep the bear. Think about it. The bear standing on its hind legs could walk up to the average single story house and look over the roof. The last picture was the bears last meal. The guy was a bow hunter baiting his stands.

Look at the paws of the bear. You would not want to get that at your face. It looks too Dangerous.

The Last Meal of The Bear...!! !


Brian said...

That whole story is bullshit that bear was killed by an Air Force servicemember. They were out hunting deer and saw it fishing in a stream and shot it. The bear was never knowned to have killed anyone. The bear is mounted in the Ancorage AK airport

Persecutive said...

Sorry, Brian. That is also untrue. A hunter killed the bear. It was only 10 ft. tall, and it only weighed 1000 to 1200 lbs... He won't say where he shot it, and he did get to keep it.

sk8tafrnk said...

You guys are both fucking retarded. Why don't you find out what the fuck your talking about the post something

buckslayerhenderson2013 said...

Oh yes because it makes total sense to make stuff like this up. You retards animals in some cases do get this big.